Cannoli Dog Walking

Your trusted and local pet caregivers. We provide love, safety, exercise and poop bags!

About Cannoli Dog Walking

Cannoli Dog Walking is a family owned business and a life-time dog owners, which work ethic is based on the only true ( and radical ) faith of Love for dogs and pets. Founded by an Italian family from Rome, Cannoli Dog Walking is the local and trusted dog walking company of the South Bay Cities, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. We provide and promise love and safety first, as the core of our responsibility in all of our services from dog walking to dog/house sitting, to drop-in visits, to training, becoming our client’s extension for their pets.

Our Service

With the extensive Education, Training and Experience, Cannoli Dog Walking provides variety of services to suit any of our clients and their pets needs.

‘Solo’ Cannoli walk
Occasional, or recurring walks of 30, or 60 minutes ( weekly scheduled walks get 20% off )
‘Group’ Cannoli walk
Pack walk of 60 minutes, where dogs are paired by size, age and physical needs.
’Workout’ Cannoli walk
For bigger and toughest breeds, that need a more intense workout, than a normal walk.
Dog/House Sitting
Sleepover with your pup at your home, for as long as you need.
Drop-in Visit
Shorter, but worth it! A quick visit of 15 minutes that includes potty break.
Sleepover at your neighbor Cannoli Dog Walking’s home, for as long as you need.

Cannoli’s Gallery

Let’s take a walk in the gallery to meet the Cannoli family.

Trust and Safety

Cannoli Dog Walking is your trusted and professional neighbor. Our promise and commitment is to protect and love your pup as our family and to give you the peace of mind you need when you’re away from home.

We’re local.
We’re always available.
We’re insured.

What Our Client Say

Why choosing Cannoli Dog Walking? Ask our clients...

Policy & Condition

Cannoli Dog Walking takes its business seriously. We privilege nice and respectful clients, that love and respect their pets.

  • Cancellation policy We apply a 24 hours cancellation policy to all type of walks and 48 hours to boarding and sitting.
  • Payment terms Payments are fully cleared prior the booking. In case of a cancellation made accordingly to the ’cancellation policy’ terms, the booking gets credited towards a new booking that has to be made within three weeks from the original booking.
  • $25/30min walking ( +$5 each additional dog ) - 5 walks package gets 15% off.
  • $40/h walking ( +$5 each additional dog ) - 5 walks package gets 1 free walk.
  • $75/day sitting/boarding - 2 days minimum - payments are due in-full 24 hours prior the first dog service.
  • $50/h training - 4 hours minimum of training sessions required.